SAME 107 – Let’s live it up

This is a work made for Medical Emergencies that want to highlight an important issue that could save people’s life. “Let’s live it up”; “Not Yet” are the insight of SAME to aware people that acting in time is the best way to safe lifes.

Let's live it up

Let's live it up

Let's live it up

Client: Vicente Lopez
Product: SAME 107
Agencia: Don
Title: Not Yet
CEO: Papón Ricciarelli
Chief Creative Officer: Gabriel Huici
Copywriter: Francisco Rosenfeldt
Art Director: Jeremias Barthe
General Director: Santiago Sarni
Account Director: Sofia Costoya
Graphic Producer for Agency: Hernan Mouriño
Producer: Buena vista
General Coordinator: Mariano Ricciarelli
Responsible fot the client: Soledad Martinez

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