“20 years of diversity”- ADFEST 2017 creates history in Thailand this year

As the creativity is under high tension, Asia’s biggest creative festival has finally arrived in form of ADFEST 2017. Founded in the year 1998, ADFEST has been recognized as Asia’s one of the leading creative platform for social interactions, exchange of ideas and innovations. Since 1998 through various means, ADFEST has risen to become one of the most sophisticated platforms for creative people all over the world. Since many factors contribute to its success, the biggest factor being it successful advertising campaigns running all over the world.

As ADFEST increased the correlation among all creative people around the world, this 20th ADFEST has contributed to a variety of niches like social-interactive functions, industry based seminars, creative workshops, fun events, short films and storytelling sessions along with exhibitions sponsored by various firms. Since it is the annual regional creative festival, thousands of delegates participate in the events to showcase their talent or to mere promote their creativity.

Held in March 22nd-25th, in Thailand, the ADFEST2017 had been sponsored and co-sponsored by various creative advertising and design firms all over the world. This year, sponsors have confided that the show will promote “20 years of diversity” as its theme along with becoming the talk of every creative marketing and production industry in the world. Along with various art and photography firms, this year marketing and production industries have also taken a chance to showcase their creativity highlighting their product quality and standards. This march 22nd-25th saw an increasing influx in a number of delegates as well as the bringing various talents emerging from the Asia to the limelight. According to attendees, the local aura of the event, as well as its platform to share ideas, have made ADFEST2017 a great success.

Adfest 2017 Winners List

Branded Content & Entertainment Lotus: Download
Design Lotus: Download
Direct Lotus: Download
Effective Lotus: Download
Film Craft Lotus: Download
Film Lotus: Download
Innova Lotus: Download
Integrated Lotus: Download
Interactive Lotus: Download
Lotus Roots: Download
Media Lotus: Download
Mobile Lotus: Download
New Director Lotus: Download
Outdoor Lotus: Download
Press Lotus: Download
Print Craft Lotus: Download
Promo Lotus: Download
Radio Lotus: Download
Young Lotus: Download
Special Awards: Download

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