3M Post-it notes – A digital campaign that makes banner ads likeable

Nowadays, it is a rare occurrence to find a website without a bunch of irritating banner ads. It is no secret that such advertisements hamper the overall website viewing experience. So, it might come as a relief to internet users that 3M has come up with an innovative way to not only free the user from the menace that banner ads are​, but to also turn them into something useful — Post-it notes digital campaign.

3M Post-it notes retargeted banner ads

The technology behind the banner ads and 3M’s invention in inherently the same, but the execution is what makes all the difference. 3M also gives its users the ability to customise​ their usage of the technology i.e. by creating, managing, and deleting stickers according to each user’s convenience.

In our opinion, the biggest reason for this campaign success is its power of creating a sense of familiarity with the target audience. Furthermore, in a world where people forget 40% of what they learn in 20 minutes, online post-its are more of a necessity, than a privilege.

Client: 3M
Brand: Post It notes
Advertising Agency: Proximity Russia
Marketing Supervisor: Sergey Smolentsev
Marketing Coordinator: Yulia Smirnova
Creative Director: Andrew Kontra
Senior Copywriters: Polina Zabrodskaya, Anna Migaleva
Senior Art Director: Fernando Muto
Business Development Director: Mikhail Vdovin
Digital Director: Alexander Makarovsky
Senior Account Manager: Polina Zvereva
Digital Production House: Indee Interactive
Producer: Alexey Zinchenko
UI Designer: Egor Bernikov
Coders: Arina Vernidub, Andrey Zakurdaev, Oleg Nikanorov

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Proximity, Russia, 3M, Post-it notes, Technology, Digital Campaign, Digital Innovation, Retargeted banner ads

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