7 Most Beautiful and Creative Ads this Mother’s Day

#Givemeaning to your Mother’s day with American Greetings

This mother’s day, American Greetings try to #givemeaning through a beautiful message in their advertisement. The advertisement does not fail to bring out the emotions behind Mother’s Day. The use of the right words to express feelings is imperative and American Greetings, through their Mother’s Day 2017 campaign, tries to bring out this message. So this Mother’s Day, share a greeting card with your mom with a meaningful message that tells her exactly what she means to you. Trust us; a greeting card is all it takes to put a smile on a mother’s face.

Brand: American Greetings
Agency: MullenLowe
Managing Partner Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Vaccarino, Dave Weist
Creative Director: Andrea Mileskiewicz
Creative Director: Blake Winfree
Creative Director/Copywriter: Allison Rude
Creative Director/Art Director: Brian Leech
Executive Director of Integrated Production: Lisa Setten
Director of Broadcast Production: Zeke Bowman
Senior Broadcast Producer: Vera Everson
Assistant Broadcast Producer: Kimberly Reid
Business Affairs Manager: Felicia Simmons
Group Account Director: Rebekah Pagis
Account Director: Jessica Zdenek
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: The Mercadantes
Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Line Producer: Timory King
DP: Daniel Mercadante
Editorial: PS260 West
Editor: JJ Lask
Junior Editor: Colin Reilly
Junior Producer: Marlinda Walcott
Executive Producer: Carol Dunn
Lead VFX Artist: Cynthia Lee
Producer: Sarah Laborde
Executive Producer: Elexis Stearn
Licensed Music Track: “Traveling”
Composer: Goldmund
Audio Post: Eleven Sound
[Merlin] SC Distribution
Sound Design/Mixer: Jeff Payne
Assistant Mixer: Jordan Meltzer
Executive Producer: Melissa Elston

EHarmony – Because there is someone out there for everyone

The advertisement brings out the hesitance of mothers when they go back to the world of dating. #eHarmony comes to the scene here to highlight the fact there is a right person out there for everyone. There is a website where you can find like-minded individuals who would understand you rather than judging you. This is a very practical scenario where a woman with a kid struggles to find somebody good enough for her, and the message resonates with us thoroughly. So this mother’s day, let your mom know that she deserves to have someone in her life who makes her happy because there’s someone meant for everyone.

Directed by Sheridan O’Donnell
Production Company: Hardline Films
Client: eHarmony
Campaign: eHarmony- Someone For You

Strong moms with sick kids – More power to you with GetBetterGifts.CA

This advertisement brings home the fact that how strong some mothers have to be when their children are sick and possibly in the midst of some untreatable condition. It’s a very heart-rending video that makes us see the massive strength that these women possess to go through something so enormous and still contain the fight in them to go on day after day. So this Mother’s Day, let us be the source of strength for some mothers and give them the courage to get up, dust themselves off because tomorrow will be a much better day.

Stand with these strong mothers with GetBetterGifts.CA

Agency: Cossette Toronto
Client: SickKids Foundation

This Mother’s Day Stay Giant with Brawny

This lovely advertisement shows all that the word MOTHER stands for. They are always standing tall and straight for their kids. This ad shows how moms go through different roles and responsibilities during a day. Taking excerpts of Snapchat videos from real life parents, this advertisement just nails it completely.

Therefore the slogan in the end rightly puts says “Once a mother, always a giant.” This small message from Brawny actually summarizes all the ordeals and lives of mothers in a very precise and articulate manner. So this mother’s day, stay giant with Brawny Paper Towels.

Title: Once a Mother, Always a Giant
Agency: Cutwater
Campaign: Stay Giant
Advertiser: Brawny
Production Company: Karen X
Director of Photography: Benjamin Von Wong
Chief Creative Officer: Chuck McBride
Associate Creative Director: Aaron Sanchez
Art Director: Rebecca Schefkind
Copywriter: Kristi Lira

This mother’s day, #SwearLikeAMother | Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

The Mother’s Day special advertisement by Kraft Macaroni and Cheese touches upon the everyday stress that a mother faces. One of the things being NOT swearing in front of their kids. The advertisement is hilarious because it teaches interesting ways of swearing in front of children. This way you take your frustration out but don’t really become a bad influence on your kids.

It is a very creative commercial that brings humor out of the daily problems faced by women once they become mothers. The #SwearLikeAMother book is a nice gesture from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that is making their lives easier through their product as well as their small gift.

Client: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Campaign Title: Make It Right
Execution Title: Swear Like a Mother
Agency: CP+B, Boulder
VP/Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
VP/Executive Creative Director: Adam Chasnow
VP/Creative Director, Art Director: Dave Steinke
VP/Creative Director, Copywriter: Peter Knierim
Senior Integrated Producer: Annie Turlay
Production Company & City: Hungry Man, NYC
Director: Hank Perlman
Director of Photography: Mott Hupfel
EP/Managing Partner (Production Co): Kevin Byrne
EP/Director of Sales (Production Co): Dan Duffy
Line Producer/Head of Production (Production Co): Julie Kopitsky
Editorial Company & City: 11 Dollar Bill, Boulder
Editor: Jess Weber
Colorist: Clark Jackson
Graphics/Compositor: Christian Robins
Producer: Lisa Effress
Mix & Sound Design Company & City: Soundspace, CO, Boulder
Sound Design & Audio Engineer: Matthew Polis
VP/Managing Director: Devin Reiter
Group Account Director: Rob Hofferman
Content Supervisor: Anne Crosby
Content Manager: Ashley Huehnerfuss
VP/Group Strategy Director: Kaylin Goldstein
Associate Planning Director: Dominic Hanley
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Joanna Lee
Project Manager: Laura Crow
Agency: Alison Brod Marketing + Communications
Agency: Starcom

Dogs – a woman’s best friend

“Don’t need a man when I come home / ‘Cause my bed is a literal bone zone.”

This advertisement brings another facet of motherly love to light with the #DogAnthem . Dog Moms are demonstrated to love their dogs as much as a mother loves her newborn baby. The “Dog Anthem” rap is light & fun, but this advertisement successfully underscores how women only need a dog in their lives to make up for all kinds of absences. According to the Dog Mom’s, men are superfluous if they have a pup around them. Period! So let us all women make shower our love on one of these very faithful creatures and bring our motherly instincts to the fore.


Wake up in the morning my dog’s on a routine
Walk him in my jammies don’t care if I’m seen

Covered in fur, poop bags in my pocket
I know I look good so don’t get a red rocket.

Casually strollin with a turd in my hand
Wondering where the hell’s the closest trash can

Peeing everywhere Brooklyn Bridge to the Rockies
He’s Markin’ territory – s’what we do on our walkies

Never leave the house without my lint roller
Hell yea I got a geriatric pug in this stroller (Kirnan with Noodle in a stroller)

His instagram is popping I don’t mean maybe
He gets more likes than my sister’s baby

If you’re a dog mom here’s your camera roll
It’s just my dog’s face no matter how far you scroll

Storage is full? I’m like, psh, Siri please.
That’s why I rock him on my wall, shirt and keys

If you’re a dog mom, put your hands up
This song’s for all the ladies who provide for their pup

When you’re a dog mom this is what you do
Cause they say you’re not my baby and I know it ain’t true

Went to the vet cause her poop was volcanic
We put her on a diet now that shit is organic

Bought him elevated bowls I’m a boss breadwinner
Now he doesn’t strain his neck while he’s eating his dinner

Toys & chews that’s where I’m throwin’ my paper
Don’t forget treats! It’s turkey-duck flavor

We poppin’ bottle service at the dog-friendly joints
if i cant bring my dog then I just don’t see the point

Here’s an invitation and don’t be tardy
I’m goin’ all out for my dog’s birthday party

Show up lookin fly & we’re sippin’ on Titos (Zoe)
She’s the life of the party: “And her paws smell like Fritos!”

If you’re a dog mom, put your hands up
This song’s for all the ladies who provide for their pup

When you’re a dog mom this is what you do
Cause they say your not my baby and I know it ain’t true

Feeling mad pride when he rips out the stuffin’, i even give props when he doesn’t do nuthin
*spoken* You’re amazing

On my nanny cam while I’m in a board meeting,
Wonder what she’s doing “OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU EATING”

Reunited coming home, yo that shit is sacred
When i take off her collar, it looks like she’s naked!

So bomb at belly scratches, i’m like a dog masseuse
And I know he ‘ppreciates cause he brings me his Moose!

Don’t need a man when i come home
Cause my bed is a literal bone zone.

Fall asleep to the sound of you licking your parts
But you wake us both up when you’re scared of your farts

Can’t wait to wake up and do it over again
Say it with me now: DOGS ARE WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND

Ha! Ha! We out!
But we immediately want to come back in again.

Written and Performed by: T-Spoon and ZZtophalf
Audio track and mixing/sound engineer: Billy Conahan
Produced by: Lisa Bernier + BARK
Video produced by: Katie Heller, Zoe Costello, Katie Kirnan, Wheaton Simis, Tim Skinner, Ally Nesmith, Lisa Bernier, Stacie Grissom + BARK
Edited by: Gen Liu

#AllHailMom, a tribute to all the strong women in history

#AllHailMom is a tribute to the strongest women in history who made their mark on the world in some way or another. Mothers are the real heroes during the lifetime of a child, and they never shy away from any kind of work no matter how backbreaking or stereotypically “manly” it is. This advertisement is one such homage to all these women in which kids of all ages declare their love & admiration for their mothers. So this Mother’s Day, let your moms know that they are the real heroes in your life.

Client: Carhartt, Inc.
Agency: Carhartt Creative Department
Creative Director: Brian Bennett
Art Director: Ron Harper / Travis Yarrington
Copywriters: Brian Bennett / Dan Catterson
Producers: Chris Robinson / Matt Cleary / Tye Alexander / Brian Andrew Mendoza
Production Company: Pride of Gypsies
Director: Brian Andrew Mendoza
Director of Photography: Thomas Scott Statton
Editor: Brian Andrew Mendoza

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