8 Heartfelt Father’s Day Campaigns of 2018

Here are a few Father’s day campaign and short films commemorating the role of fathers in our lives:

Kashmir | Terribly Tiny Tales

A grieving son tries to make sense of his position after his father’s death. A longing for a place called home makes him further question his own identity.

#FeelLikeGod | Bajaj Avenger – #DadYourDad

It is refreshing to feel youthful even after you’ve been a father to someone for years. On the special occasion of Father’s Day, Bajaj Avengers makes an attempt to remind all dads out there that it’s never too late to be young and carefree again.

#PapaHainNa | SBI Life

Fathers make their children feel loved, protected, lighthearted, and courageous. That is why they are the dearest. SBI Life celebrates father’s day by acknowledging the truths stated above. #CelebrateLife #HifazatKePitaare

#AapkiHealthMereLie | Future Generali India Life

His Family is a father’s most prized possession. For his children, there’s nothing as important as his well-being. On this year’s Father’s Day, Future Generali urges all fathers to gift their families with an increased commitment towards their health.

#RealStrength | Dove Men+Care

Real strength lies in caring, and that is why the dads who care are regarded as heroes.

Guillermo Stars in a Commercial | P&G and Walgreens

Did you know that Guillermo’s little kid has a mustache already? We didn’t either! Well, given the recent revelation, it’s a good thing that Walgreens is running discounts on some grooming products all June.

#UltraDad | Michelob ULTRA

Fathers need not be bound by blood to us. They may just be the men who shape up into our better selves. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Michelob ULTRA celebrates the existence of such ULTRA Dads.

Best Present for Father’s Day | Stella Artois

A lot of people post heartfelt posts about their dads on the occasion of Father’s Day. But, do all of these posts reach the dads they’re meant for? Well, that’s what the best present for father’s day is; reaching out to your dad!

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