Airbnb shows community commitment through its new advertisement

The idea behind the concept of Airbnb is to be open towards new culture or people despite the difference in race, sex, place of birth or religion. The Airbnb community is committed to providing a great cultural experience to their visitors. They come together to make the visitor feel as if they belong there and ensure that they feel at home away from home. The advertising campaign of Airbnb aims to show a deep message in a very simple yet profound way. It is a clear example of creative ideas.

Airbnb Community Commitment

• Airbnb works on the ideals of great commitment towards the community which is clearly highlighted in this latest advertisement.
• When people who belong to Airbnb community travel, they can be assured to belong to the place they visit.
• The commitment of neutrality and equal treatment to all communities is also beautifully shown in the advertisement.
• All Airbnb community members must commit to treating everyone without judgment or bias.

The ending of this advertisement is its best feature. It says “World is a beautiful place when you accept” which has a very deep connotation. It is not just related to accepting Airbnb but also accepting everyone as they are. In the world which has forces that are constantly trying to divide people on the basis gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and many more things, Airbnb has come up with a great idea and commitment to unite people again. They are trying to inculcate the feeling of acceptance amongst people.

Client: Airbnb
Creative Director: Paul Stechschulte
Creative Lead: Roger Hoard
Lead Designer: Andrea Nguyen
Social Media Manager: Caitlin Choate
Photographer: David Elliott
Assistant Photographer: Ryan Kim
Lead Producer: Anastassia Babanskaia
Animator: Catalina Matamoros
Global Marketing Manager: Franchesca Allen
Managing Director: James Goode
Animator: Jarratt Moody
Post Production: Where The Buffalo Roam
Music: Sonos Sanctus

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