Gulzaar Sahab Evokes Nostalgia in Ambuja Cement’s viral ‘Chhat Pe Milte hai Campaign’

Welcome and behold! Here is another masterpiece, Chhat Pe Milte hai, a digital campaign from the house of Ambuja Cement that should, according to us, go down as a case study in the craft of advertising. If Khali’s TVC two years back took India by storm, thanks to its humorous rendition, the Chhat Pe Milte hai campaign is in a league of its own. So what’s special about it? Well, we are excited to say, almost everything!

Ambuja Cement #ChhatPeMiltehai

This digital campaign aims to promote Ambuja Cement’s premium product ‘Ambuja Plus Roof Special’, which as the name suggests, is designed to add extra strength and longevity to a roof, one of the most vital parts of a house. The campaign highlights the importance of ‘roof’ or ‘chhat’ in Indian homes.

Instead of taking a run-of-the-mill approach to highlight the product, Ambuja Cement plays around nostalgia and stirs our fondest memories associated with the terrace in our homes. Yes, the same terrace which seems to have lost in the urban construction mayhem. When was the last time you went to the terrace in a high rise building in Mumbai, Delhi or any metro city, for that matter? Well, chances are slim given how rarely we do that! The campaign has been launched with a video in which the legendary Gulzaar Sahab narrates in his unique voice a sublime poetry written by him, which takes us through the heartwarming memories and the role a roof has in helping us create these memories. The video’s emotional appeal is heightened by the background score that will take over your mind and you won’t be able to stop humming it. In the video, we see children playing hide and seek, a couple flying kites, wedding function, a cricket match – almost everything you must have seen happening on terraces in Indian households. The film ends by inviting fans to share their special roof stories with Ambuja Cement and the best ones could become a part of their next campaign! How cool!

Our Take on this Campaign!

We believe Ambuja Cement and the agency Triton Communications have come together to deliver a brilliant campaign. Many things have fallen in their right place in this campaign. The brand gave a quintessential advertising product brief. The agency converted it into an extraordinary storytelling spectacle of 4 minutes, 20 seconds video. And it did not stop there. It went ahead and seamlessly blended the video to get ‘engagement’, the holy grail of marketing for brands these days.

Wow is the only word we can think of as we go back to watch the ad again.
We can’t say more. Go ahead, see it for yourself. Watch. Replay. Repeat. Yes, it’s that good.

Brand: Ambuja Plus Roof Special
Campaign: Chhat Pe Milte hai
Script & narration: Gulzar
Creative Agency: Triton Communications & Digimo
Production House: Mojo Media LLP
Director & Editor Vipin Parasher
Music Composer:Arjunna Harjaie

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