Bajaj V brings out the stories of real invincible Indians

Bajaj V - Invincible Indians

Bajaj Invincible bring out the stories of a common man in India who took tremendous efforts towards making the society better. It is an interesting outdoor advertising campaign because the video is shot in a real-life scenario making it more appealing. Indian advertising agencies take special efforts to bring out the emotional aspect of the video so that people can connect to it in a more profound way.

Following are some interesting features of the advertising campaign:

• It uses a real life story to grab the attention of its audiences.
• It uses the natural setting in which the “Bajaj invincible man” works.
• It keeps the advertisement simple yet has a bigger hidden meaning inside it.
• It appeals to more such stories making it a people’s thing.
• It uses the reference of INS Vikrant bringing on the subject of patriotism with subtlety.

The name Bajaj invincible has many connotations ranging from INS Vikrant, which was the majestic aircraft carrier used during the Kargil war. Moreover, the word invincible is used with a very deep meaning. It shows that there are many such invincible men in India who are continuously working for the betterment of the society. Bajaj salutes such men by presenting a Bajaj Invincible (V15) bike as a measure of respect for their continued efforts. All in all, it is a profound advertising campaign with subtle and insightful connotations.

Bajaj V philosophy- Invoke Pride Everyday

Chewang Norphel: Created 15 artificial glaciers in Ladakh to solve the perennial water crisis. Awarded a Padmashree in 2015
The Iceman

Bipin Ganatra: Helped rescue people from more than 100 fires in Kolkata. Recognised as a volunteer fire-fighter by the Kolkata Fire Department.
Aagun Pakhi

Omkar Nath Sharma: Travels across NCR to collect medicines from people who no longer need them, and distributes it to clinics and hospitals who serve the poor.
Medicine Baba

Vijaylaxmi Sharma: Leading a movement to eradicate child marriages in villages in Rajasthan.

Karimul Haque: Converted his bike into an ambulance. Offers a 24×7 ambulance service free of cost.
Ambulance Dada

Brand: Bajaj V
Product Group: Two Wheelers
Client: Bajaj Auto
Agency: Leo Burnett, South Asia
Campaign: Bajaj V – Invincible Indians

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