Barbie Dream Gap – Mattel brings out the true mettle in the real-life Barbies of the world!

Mattel’s idea behind creating Barbie was to remind the world that every little girl can be anything she wants. Barbie continues to stand for a woman’s capability to choose. She has choices. On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, Mattel and BBDO San Francisco came out swinging with their new spot – The Dream Gap (Barbie Dream Gap) that rings the alarm bell on gender prejudice which is a worldwide concern. #Barbie #CloseTheDreamGap

The Dream Gap highlights the huge gap that keeps little girls (right from the age of 5 in many cases) from living their full potential or dreams. In the spot, you can see young little girls who unapologetically and brutally (yet maintaining a calm and innocent tone) speak for themselves. It palpably communicates how a girl’s self-confidence starts to erode from the age of six as her freedom to dream whatever she wants to become is chained by hollow stereotypes. So, for a little girl, to imagine herself as a future engineer, an astronaut or a star is still considered blasphemy by many even if she is at par with other boys in the areas of science and math. This Dream Gap robs girls of their potential true-self.

Any success starts with a dream. And robbing a person, be it a kid, girl, boy, woman or a man or anyone of his or her dreams is to cripple the person’s self-worth. If it appears strange that Barbie is taking up the cudgels against gender bias, then take time to apprise yourself of its transformation towards swift modernization during the past few years.

Agency: BBDO San Francisco
Client: Barbie
Title: Barbie Dream Gap
Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, SF: Matt Miller
Associate Creative Director: Adam Balogh
Associate Creative Director: Jason Moussalli
Head of Integrated Production: Louise Doherty
Business Affairs: Jacqueline Djanikian
Group Account Director: Kim Fredkin
Account Director: Nicole Dongara
Account Supervisor: Alex Hamill
Chief Strategy Officer: Crystal Rix
Group Strategy Director: Jessica Strode
Production Company: Slim Pictures Inc.
Director: Karen Cunningham
Executive Producer: Tom Weissferdt
Executive Producer: Catherine Finkenstaedt
Producer: Al Cooper
Edit House: Bread & Butter
Editor: Andrea MacArthur
Colorist: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Sophie Borup
Visual Effects: Jane Studios
Creative Director: David Parker
Flame Artist: Tim Bird
Producer: David Won
Executive Producer: Nancy Hwang
Sound Designer: One Union Recording
Senior Sound Engineer: Joaby Deal
Senior Sound Engineer: Matt Zipkin
Executive Producer: Vickie Sornsilp

Principal Composer: Amber Music
Exec Producer: Michelle Curran
Music Supervisor/Producer: Mike Perri

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