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Women are different from men in many ways. One of the most obvious differences between the two genders is that of physicality. Compared to their male counterparts, females undergo a completely different physical breakdown during taxing activities. An important accessory for women to seamlessly engage in sports and similar tasks is a sports bra. A recent and innovatively structured digital ad by Berlei details on the same. The digital campaign for the Berlei Australia SS18 claims that it is the best support for the sport.

The whole campaign has been fleshed out by the Australian ad agency named The Monkeys. It also acts as an awareness campaign for woman unaware of the need to wear a sports bra during strenuous activities. The creatively depicted message can be summed up in the following phrase used in the commercial itself: stop your boobs playing their own game.

We feel that women need to invest in sports accessories in order to engage in physically demanding tasks with ease. The existence of brands like Berlei provides for a convenient and credible resource for the same.

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