“Bulletproof words”, project to ask presidential candidates to follow an agenda in favor of freedom of expression

Within the framework of Freedom of Expression Day in Mexico, La Doblevida and ARTICLE 19, presented Bulletproof Words, a project consisting of the creation of a bulletproof vest covered with notes press paper that reports on attacks against journalists, and that resists high-caliber weapons, by means of which presidential candidates will be required, in a symbolic way, to commit themselves to the “Agenda on Freedom of Expression and Information 2018” proposal last month by ARTICLE 19.

Bulletproof words | in favor of freedom of expression | ARTICLE 19

Manuel Camacho, President and Founder partner of the agency La Doblevida, regretted that in Mexico we reach what should be the party of freedom of expression “with 116 journalists killed since 2000, a degree of impunity of 99.6%, and with the label of being the second most dangerous country for the journalistic exercise, only below Syria, a State at war “.

He recalled that so far this year, there have been six murders of journalists, four of them because of their work, two are still investigating the reason of the homicide; while in 2017 there were 12 cases.

The project

In this context, Camacho said that every time a communicator is killed, the right of everyone to information is killed, so it was decided to launch the project Bulletproof Words, materialized in a bulletproof vest because it is just the information that protects us all

It is about the manufacture of a bulletproof vest with news about the executed journalists, and we will ask reporters, drivers and announcers to take it and take a photo, with the aim that “this image will be viral and to make the public aware of what the deadly attacks against communicators mean for press freedom.”

He explained that two real bulletproof vests were made, which, at the height of the heart, will be written the names of the 116 journalists murdered in our country since 2000, as a way to honor the information professionals who lost their lives the simple fact of exercising his work “.

Nothing to celebrate

In the press conference, Manuel Camacho and Ana Cristina Ruelas, director of ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America, raised the following questions: How to overcome the fear of reporting? How to survive as a journalist? How to stop getting used to these deaths?, “what we seek is to make visible the violent reality faced by journalists in Mexico through a symbol, created so that journalists do not need a bulletproof vest”.

Ruelas informed that the presidential candidates will be asked to join the “Agenda on Freedom of Expression and Information 2018″ that they presented last May, as a commitment so that whoever wins in the next elections, knows in depth the problematic and have a base of action to combat and prevent the attacks against the informants”.

He recalled that the Agenda proposes a series of guidelines that the next federal administration could add to its government project, with the aim of guaranteeing the exercise of the press and free thinking.

About La Doblevida
It is a Mexican communication and content agency with more than 10 years of experience, which has collaborated with several companies, institutions and organizations in artistic, communication and audiovisual and digital content projects.

About ARTICLE 19
It is an independent Human Rights organization that works around the world to promote the right to freedom of expression. It takes its name from Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of expression.

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