Burger King Dogpper, a bone flavored grill for your best friend

Burger King Dogpper, a bone flavored grill so that dog owners can eat their burger quietly.

Nothing should prevent you from enjoying your quiet Whopper. But when you have pets it gets a little complicated.
That’s why, during September, get a #Dogpper for free, the first bone flavor grill for your best friend.

This is well known in Burger King thanks to a study carried out on more than 500 people with dogs in our country. The results show that 65% of pets ask when their owner receives food at home and that, at least half, share part of their order with their furry companion. To get their customers to fully enjoy their hamburger, the brand has not thought of anything else but to invent the Dogpper, a dog bone with a grill flavor.

What do you think about this?

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