Indio invite young people to let go fear and search for the authenticity within them

Cerveza Indio-Chivo Lubezki Inglés

Historically, Cerveza Indio has been de “rebel or under ground beer” of Mexico. It´s always talked to a niche market. It´s communication has always been oriented to creativity and artistic expressions, such as alternative music, urban art and design.

The goal of Indio is to grow while keeping its creative, artistic, rebel, essence.

The strategy is, therefore, to inspire all the Mexican youth through an example of rebellion and creativeness that instead of aiming for rebellion (with no cause), aims for rebellion, with a cause, or authenticity.

The message is to invite young people to let go fear and search for the authenticity within them.

They chose Emmanuel Lubezki to feature and shoot the commercial, who´s not the stereotype of rebellion, and everyone in México admires him.

Lubezki is the three time Oscar winner as DP.

They shot for 3 days in Los Angeles.

The idea was to shoot “chivo” Lubezki in action. They wanted to see how he works, and the result of that work at the same time. Kind of a self portrait. For this, he took them to his favorite places, the ones where the light inspires him the most.

To be able to see him working, he chose Alexis Zabé as the other DP (DP of many awarded Directors, such as Carlos Reygadas, Best Director Winner at Cannes Film Festival).

They created a lyric piece, accompanied by the music of Max Richter.

It was aired during the Oscars on TV. It was the first commercial after Chico received his third award.

View Emmanuel Lubezki’s portfolio

Agency: Montalvo
CCO: Pepe Montalvo
Copywriter: Agustín Vélez
Art Director: Sergio Díaz Infante
Account Director: Romina Levi
Agency Producer: Gilberto Amézquita

Production House: Whiskey Films
Director: Arturo Pereyra
Producer: Salvador De La Fuente
Director of Photograhy: Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki
Aditional Photography: Alexis Zabé
Music: Max Richter

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