Circus digital development strategy for “The Conjuring 2”

The Conjuring 2 launched this summer by Warner Bros. Pictures, was an absolute blockbuster ranking #1 in Latin America in revenue and tickets sold. For the launch and positioning of the film, Circus developed a digital strategy which included, among other executions the Demon Detector.


Under the slogan “There’s nothing scarier than what we cannot see” a campaign was developed to maximize the experience for horror genre fans, by sparking their desire to be part of the story and giving them the tools to accomplish it. For this we counted on the participation of world-famous actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, stars of The Conjuring 2, in order to make a video to invite people to experience the app in which the user could capture the sounds and images of “spirits and demons” around them.

After collecting information and detecting the key elements that make a horror film stand out, Circus linked this data with communication, and built a web app as a central element, ready to pair with various strategies for social media, enabling them to reaching millions of people. Even fantasy genre channels such as Syfy and Studio Universal Channel, replicated similar experiences throughout the region.

The results were extremely successful, with outstanding interactions though the site with the use of the Demon Detector. With this strategy it was possible to reach the consumers of this content through a clear and direct language. Understanding the style and purpose of the film.

“Using the web, through this app along with participation of the protagonists of the film created the ideal conditions to propose this playful experiment to the public, bringing us all closer to the world of The Conjuring 2 and collaborating with talent that gave excellent performances in the film. And most importantly… now everyone knows that, even if you can’t see them, they are there”, said Bruno Lambertini, Founder & CEO of Circus.

The execution was part of a regional strategy, accompanied by sharing content on all of our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram), it helped make this film become the # 1 in the box office in Latin America.
The Demon Detector is the result of systematic work being done Circus, with Warner Bros. Pictures Latin America, developing regional and global, such as San Andreas and Point Break strategies, among others.
Visit and face the unknown.

Client: Warner Bros. Pictures
Product: El Conjuro 2
Agency: Circus Mkt
Country: Latinoamérica
CEO: Bruno Lambertini
Creative Director: Javier de la Fuente y Alejandro Stea
Copywriter: Ezequiel Albornoz
Art Director: Jenifer Blanco
Account Director: Daiana Buchanan
Edition: Demián Domínguez y Fernando Morán

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