Coca-Cola: Signs of Life

Coca Cola is always known for its creative campaigns and exciting digital initiatives. After the interesting polar bear campaigns, the soft drink company have come up with a new campaign The Coca cola- Signs of Life. The ad, which shows two scientists coming back to restore life which was lost after its habitants left planet earth, is said to be one of the best advertising campaigns ever launched.

The ad has managed to create a considerable amount of online buzz for Coca-Cola. The ad is a digital innovation in itself as it shows us how far we can go with marketing and give customers a great brand experience. It has always made the best use of latest technologies and attracted huge users from their social media marketing campaigns that relates Coca Cola to be used at various events/occasions through its creative campaigns.

The advertising agency has depicted a wonderful use of latest technology and background scenes. The advertisement is based on the two scientists who have returned to the planet earth to find out the signs of life and they can be seen searching in various regions from oceanic beaches to deserts and snowy mountains. After efforts of so many days, one of the scientists gets out a fresh flower from the dig-hole and expresses a smile of success but she is stunned with the sound of Coca Cola that is found by the other scientist standing behind her. Definitely, the flower is left and the coca cola fridge is taken to the other planet as a proof for the sign of life on the planet earth. It can be one of the best digital campaigns and a mixture of creativity marketing. Yes, you can live here again.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Campaign: Signs of Life
Written & Directed by Daniel Borovkov
Produced by Fabien Colas
Director of Photograpy: Eddie Thomas
Drone Operator: Chris Lethbridge
Editor: Facundo Sanchez & Daniel Borovkov
Sound Design: Facundo Sanchez
Music: Alessandro Sotgiu
Color Grader: Liz Fornango
VFX: Vardan Karapetyan
Costume Design & Props: Philipp Rempesz (Stuph) & Victoria von Hundt
Location Service Iceland: Pétur Bjarnason (Labrador)

Scientists: Emilis Reciuga & Siobhan Antoinette

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