Canadian campaign gets creative on the Down Syndrome

Recently, the advertising campaigns scene saw an influential ad campaign of Canada that put forth some FAQ’s that parents generally Google and people who are actually living this syndrome every day answering these Googled questions in a compilation of 40 videos. This mighty ad campaign is one of the most empathizing digital campaigns ever witnessed that covers everything that you would need to know about the Down syndrome like the life expectancy, causes, physical and intellectual development etc. It is titled “Down Syndrome Answers” and ingeniously gives an answer to all those Googled questions by parents answered by people going through this condition.

Key highlights of this ad campaign:

1. The videos talk about how people with the Down syndrome can lead normal lives and do everything from riding bikes, play sports, cook, read, drive … basically, do everything that a normal person can do in his / her day-to-day life, though it might take them a tad bit longer to learn and practice them.

2. This Canadian ad campaign stands out for its philanthropic gesture of helping all those parents who have been told that their unborn child is afflicted with this genetic abnormality.

3. These videos, even for the general audience at large, are worth more than a few minutes it will take to browse through them due to their extremely informative and heart-rending views.

What is Down syndrome?

Who gets Down syndrome?

Which parent does Down syndrome come from?

When do babies with Down syndrome learn to talk?

How long does a person with Down syndrome lives?

Can people with Down syndrome have a baby?

Can a person with Down syndrome ride a bike?

Can a person with Down syndrome make their own meals?

Can a person with Down syndrome learn to read?

Can a person with Down syndrome have a job?

Are babies with Down syndrome bigger?

What stands out?

It is a really touching compilation of videos in the form of an ad campaign that comes straight from the horse’s mouth, in this case, the people who are living this syndrome every single day and is without a doubt, one of the best Digital campaigns seen in a long time.

Client: Canadian Down Syndrome Society
National Executive Director: Kirk Crowther
Treasurer: Ed Casagrande
Board member: Ben Tarr
Communications Manager: Kaitlyn Pecson

Agency: FCB Canada
CEO: Tyler Turnbull
Chief Creative Officer: Jon Flannery
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Hilts
Chief Creative Officer: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
ACD, Art Director: Simon Tuplin
ACD, Copywriter: Pete Gardiner
Producer: Judy Hamilton
Editor: David Rodriguez
Group Account Director: Anabella Mandel
Account Manager: Joline Christiani
Senior Strategist: Eryn LeMesurier
Digital Strategist: Shelagh Hartford

Director: Elias Campbell
Director of Photography: Stephen McLouglin
Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting

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