Epic video to sell Suzuki Vitara ’96, Height of creativity – #BuyMyVitara

A guy named Eugene Romanovsky recently found a novel and ingenious method to sell his Suzuki Vitara 96 through an advertising video on YouTube. We’ve all witnessed a lot of automobile brands coming up with interesting ways to sell their brands, but this guy took it a step further with his advertisement on YouTube. The black-colored Suzuki Vitara 96 is seen maneuvering on not just rough terrains but in impossible environs like Space and on snow-capped mountains. It has been called a beast and rightly so! This advertisement beats all the car ad campaigns and goes beyond the stereotypical “car with a tiger” commercial display. We believe that this advertisement will get him more than just one buyer for this legend of a car.

Suzuki Vitara ’96

The advertisement #buymyvitara has definitely sparked enthusiasm and interest amongst the people with its attractive use of visual effects.

Abandoned Freedom (Alt Intro Break) – Position Music – Zachary Meyers
Audio visual content: Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão
Channel: SBT Online

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