FCB Bridge2Fun creates star-studded film to welcome creative team

FCB Bridge2Fun have created a star-studded film to welcome back Creative Directors Małgorzata Drozdowska and Agnieszka Klimczak to the fold as Creative Directors.

In the fun short film, stars including multi-award-winning actor Bogusław Linda, director Patryk Vega, actress and singer Patrcia Kazadi and outstanding music artist and businesswoman Kayah, discuss ways that they can find work for the Creative team. Singer Brodka, journalist Dorota Wellman and radio and television presenters Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak and Piotr Kędzierski also join the host of talent debating with CEO Rafal Baran, highlighting the agency’s impeccable reputation across advertising and entertainment in Poland.

The creative team of Drozdowska and Klimczak have been working together since 2004, creating campaigns for clients including IKEA, Lotto, Tena, Prima, Nivea, AXA, Nissan and Limitless in Dubai). During maternity leave they also founded a dollhouse company that became a designer phenomenon described by Huffington Post and selected by the Wallpaper as “one of the brightest beacons in the Polish design firmament”.

As Creative Directors at FCB Warsa from 2014 to 2017, the agency won its‘ first Cannes Lion for Prima coffee. The next year brought Grand Prix at KTR. the most important Polish creative festival. In 2017, they won 2 Cannes Lions, while their project “Smart Bell“ was shortlisted among the 35 most innovative projects in the world at Cannes, also winning the 2 Grand Prix at the Golden Drum festival and metal at One Show. In the customer satisfaction survey of MMP 2017, the agency under their leadership became #1 network agency, gaining the highest marks on almost all dimensions.

Rafał Baran, CEO FCB Bridge2Fun said “I am very pleased that Agnieszka and Małgorzata accepted our offer. They are indeed a unique, effective and extremely creative duo. Each of them also has a personality that allows managing the creative process of the entire Agency. I am convinced that together we will provide an even better creative product for our Clients.“

Agnieszka Klimczak and Małgorzata Drozdowska added, “It sounds paradoxical, but although we are going back to our old agency, it opens completely new possibilities. FCB always had the ambition to offer a world-class creative ideas, but trough the merge with Bridge2Fun it also gained an extraordinary momentum and a clearly defined vision, combining advertising with entertainment. We can not wait to see results of this cooperation.”

FCB Bridge2Fun is a hybrid advertising agency being part of the 4Fun Media group – the only one on the market that combines the world of modern entertainment with non-standard advertising. The agency team consists of creators and people who have gained experience in various areas of communication – media, advertising, events, and the music market. Bridge2Fun uses the potential of emotions from the pop culture, to create a long-lasting bond  between brands and consumers, instead of just creating on-time interaction,. A wide scope of communication areas ranging from ATL, BTL, events, PR, programming, celebrity sponsorship and music endorsement allow to fully answer to any complex communication challenge.

Capital Group 4fun Media S.A. is a company operating on the market of music and entertainment TV stations and on the advertising market pushing it far beyond traditional TV advertising. It includes activity conducted as an advertising agency and on the digital outdoor screens network.
4fun Media SA is a broadcaster of the First Social Musisc Television in Poland, hich unites three channels under one umbrella brand 4FUN. Music stations: 4FUN.TV, 4FUN GOLD HITS and 4FUN DANCE make an interactive television platform.

On November the 28th, 2017, 4FUN Media group broadened its structures with the agency FCB Warsaw, a part of FCB network – one of the 10 biggest international communication groups, creating a new agency structure: FCB Bridge2Fun.

Client: FCB Bridge2Fun
CD: Małgorzata Drozdowska, Agnieszka Klimczak
CEO: Rafał Baran
Producer: Roma Mirek
Production House: 4FUN TV

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