FCB Inferno’s Mother’s Day 2017 campaign “Thank you Mom” for Pearson’s Project Literacy

FCB Inferno’s Mother’s Day 2017 campaign “Thank you Mom” for Pearson’s Project Literacy sheds light on the often-concealed issue of adult illiteracy that is so prevalent across the US. With 32 million adults unable to read or write, a parent’s illiteracy directly impacts his or her child’s future. FCB Inferno’s “Thank you Mom” initiative urges children to thank their mothers this Mother’s Day for giving them the gift of literacy.

You’ve probably got a million reasons to be thankful to your mom, but if you wrote her a card this Mother’s day, you’ve got another one.
Literacy is the single biggest indicator of success in life, and whether your parents can read and write is the biggest predictor of if you will be able to read and write as well.

Advertising Agency: FCB Inferno
Brand: Project Literacy
Copy Writer: Martin McAllister
Art Director: Julia Ferrier
Senior Account Director: Helena Georghiou
Senior Account Manager: Charlie Griffith
Strategy Director: Julie Lagan
Media/Social: Chloe Belloin and Laura Visick

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