Generations Apart – A Social Experiment by Heineken for India

After the resounding success of its “social experiment” campaign, Worlds Apart, where it invited people of different political ideologies to come together and chat over a beer, Heineken has launched a new campaign, culturally customized for the Indian market. The Communication gap between generations (father-son), one of the most prevalent norms in the Indian society is the central theme of the ‘Generations Apart’ social experiment. This theme is indeed a part of India’s cultural and social milieu and needless to say is a hotly debated topic. Given the desire of Indian parents to ensure their children get good education and ‘settle down’ in life, hundreds of thousands of children grow up to be confused or frustrated with their careers, since a majority of them are coerced into or in many cases, obliged to follow the traditional career choices recommended by their parents.

Generations Apart - A Social Experiment by Heineken for India

The film created by Publicis India, features Rudy Singh, an upcoming comedian who through a standup act, humorously highlights how his father was never happy with his choice of pursuing comedy as a profession and how the communication gap that exists between them never allowed for any conversation to flourish.

Through this social experiment, Heineken continues to push its ‘Open Your World’ philosophy to motivate people to create an open, inclusive world, where everyone can come together despite differences and talk about things with an open mind. The Generations Apart film establishes that no matter how simple it sounds, the choice to make conversations happen, to sit across the table with a couple of beers and the right frame of mind to listen to the other person can open up immense possibilities to change attitudes, rebuild broken relationships and unite strangers.

With consistent communication in all its campaigns, Heineken has done a good job in appealing to the youth of India today, who want to be heard and understood, more than ever.

Would you be comfortable sitting with your dad and chitchatting with him over a couple of beers? If yes, do pass this video to him. Maybe he’ll sponsor your beer this time! If no, still pass it on! There’s never a wrong time to open your world and reduce the generation gap.

Vp Of Marketing: Prashant Patwardhan
Global Brand Director: Gianluca Di Tondo
Director Of Communications And Marketing: Anuraag Trikha
Director Of Brand Communications: Daniela Iebba
Chief Marketing Officer: Samar Singh Sheikhawat
Advertiser: Heineken

Creative Agency
Vice President: Theresa Ronnie
Pr: Edelman
Planners: Sudeep Goel & Abhinit Agarwal
Planner: James Moore
Group Account Director: : Siddhartha Rajiv
Global Chief Creative Officer: Bruno Bertelli
General Manager: George Lazar
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Agency: Publicis (India, Worldwide, Italy)
Creative: Siddharth Joglekar, Priya Gurnani & Reya Regi
Chief Operating Officer: Paritosh Srivastava
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pawar, Milos Obradovic, Mihnea Gheorghiu (Global)
Account Executive: Dalila Salhi (Publicis Italy)
Account Director: David Pagnoni (Publicis Italy)

Production Company
Production Company: Early Man Film
Producers: Jignesh Maru, Pooja Talwar
Director: Ayappa Km

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