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Ginger by Lifestyle is a clothing brand that curates its apparels with the “#ImperfectlyPerfect” young girl of today in mind. The heart of Ginger lies in experimental-fashion that weighs more heavily on personalized style preferences than traditional norms.

Ginger by Lifestyle Logo

Designed by J. Walter Thompson Bangalore, the brand’s “#ImperfectlyPerfect” campaign goes head-on against stereotypes. The ad film features a number of young girls coming forward to deliver a powerful expression of freedom by dressing the way they deem fit, even if it means pissing off a few judgemental eyes. “#ImperfectlyPerfect” is a mission statement addressed to every ginger girl out there which rightfully encapsulates the concept of wearing clothes that go along with one’s sense of identity.

We feel that “Ginger by Lifestyle” has given due thought to this endeavour, for which the results speak for themselves. After all, we aren’t fans of boundaries either!

The #ImperfectlyPerfect Ginger Girl Makes Her Own Fashion Choices!

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