Girls Of Paradise – A ‘dead’ website changed the prostitution laws of a country

Prostitution today is the avenue of violence against women. In a situation where there are no strict laws to protect the rights of women, it is impossible to protect them against extreme violence that they receive from men all around the world.


The campaign named Girls of Paradise which was done by McCann Paris lead people to empathize with the victims of violence and lead to the landmark decision by the French Assembly in 2016. This was the first national law that was meant to penalize the clients of prostitution.

What is the reality of prostitution?

Women in prostitution everyday face the violence of various kinds from pimps or even clients. Hundreds of cases of extreme violence leading to the murder of prostitutes are registered every week.

What is the reason?

Prostitutes, in most countries, do not have any legal rights. They live like ghost citizens. There are no laws that ensure their protection which leads

What is McCann’s campaign on Girls of Paradise about?

The campaign called Girls of Paradise was revolutionary in spreading awareness about the violence that is perpetrated against prostitutes. They end up becoming prostitutes of both parties ­ the selling as well as the buying. Therefore, this campaign made profiles of all the dead prostitutes and when potential buyers tried to contact them, they were told about the horrific stories of violence that they went through before they were murdered. This arose great empathy amongst people and lead to the landmark judgment which made buying prostitutes illegal. Thus, trying to safeguard their rights to some extent.

What more can be done?

Of course, this is not the end and the world needs to understand the problems faced by prostitutes and make the laws stronger to empower them. This campaign is just a first step towards safeguarding them!

We all need to join hands and work together to end the violence against prostitutes!

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