Gollo: Breast Cancer Uncensored, by McCann San José

Images of shirtless women are usually censored from TV and social media broadcast, even when the message is aimed to prevent breast cancer. To dodge censorship and care for its female customers, Gollo, the biggest home appliance and retail chain in Costa Rica, aired a self-exam tutorial video in its 130 stores during Breast Cancer Awareness month, in October 2015.



Source: Cancer Uncensored

Brand: Gollo, Cancer Uncensored
Media: Online
Category: Retail Services
Geo: Costa Rica
Advertising Agency: McCann, San José, Costa Rica
General creative director: Brian Maynard
Creative director: Huelander Escalante
Copywriter: Kevin Brenes
Art director: Juan José Ulate
Design artist: Bryan Bertozzi
Producer: Lucía Salas
Post Production: Omar Moreno

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