Hamdard India – “I hated you mom but I was wrong”

I hated you mom but I was wrong. Mom I blamed you for everything going wrong with my skin, little did I know that pollution, stress & the hormonal changes were also contributing to the bad skin. Thanks for introducing me to Safi which purifies my blood from within & gives me pimple free glowing skin, almost like yours. THANK YOU MOM

#IHateUMomReturns #IHateBadSkin #Safi

Nilotpal Singh, Sr. Brand Manager, Hamdard Laboratories added, “New SAFI campaign tries to complete the story which was started last year with #IHATEUMOM campaign. Creative this time is about self-realization that “real beauty lies within which leads to the beautiful skin outside”. Going further brand will own a larger plot on larger philosophy of “Ragon mein khoobsurati”. We are also trying to uplift the brand imagery and I feel that our creative agency and production house has done remarkable work in this direction.”

Website: Hamdard

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