Heinz Irresistible Posts – Best way to like a post is to eat them

Posts of food are the most common on Instagram. Millions of people around the world are always drooling over delicious photos of food. Heinz saw this as an opportunity and launched the campaign called ‘Heinz Irresistible Posts’ which became very popular in Brazil.

Heinz Irresistible Posts campaign

‘Now you don’t just like the post but also eat them.’ This was an interesting way to use geolocation to increase their popularity. By looking at the stories of local users, chef Santi Roig from Underdog Meat & Beer Restaurant made delicious burgers during lunch time for the Instagram followers. Taking this opportunity, Heinz used its packaging to deliver delicious food to people in the nooks and corners to make their brand more popular. It was a brilliant 2-hour advertising campaign launched by the ad agency Africa with the help of Facebook Creative Shop that became very popular in Brazil. With collaboration with local restaurants, it had some tremendous results.

Hence, the followers of Heinz in Brazil on Instagram were pleasantly surprised at lunch time by some irresistible and delicious food through #IrresistiblePosts.

They attempted to turn people’s cravings into reality so they can eat it with Heinz!

Brand: Heinz
Website: http://www.heinzbrasil.com.br/
Campaign: Irresistible Posts
Advertising Agency: Africa, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Figueira
Creative Director: Alexandre Prado
Associate Creative Director: Alvin Shiguefuzi
Copywriter: Rafael Carvalho
Art Directors: Bruno Damiao, Marco Giuseppe
Design: Marina Cota
Special Projects Team: Monique Lopes Lima, Eliot Tosta, Aline Saraiva
Digital Producer: Mario Mendes
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito, Valdir dos Santos
Client Services: Paula Coelho, Luisa Vissotto, Barbara Sarquis
Media Team: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Francisco Custodio, Willian Aveiro, Douglas Oliveira, Bianca Navega
Planning Team: Rodrigo Maroni, Aldo Pini, Caio Queiroz, Fernanda Valeria Oliveira, Larissa Perroni
Community Managers: Milena Vieira, Veronica Bortoloto
Photographers: Vitor Manon, Raphael Savelkoul
Chef: Santi Roig
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: 1967
Executive Producer: Pedro Ramos
Production Coordinator: Renata Munaretto
Production: Georgia Reines
DOP: Joao Lucas Carvalho
Editing: Jorge Teivelis
Final Art: Vinicius Meyer, Sivo Greven
Post Producers: Fernando Bardanha, Rafael Casagrande
Sound Production Company: Saxsofunny
Producer: Otavio de Moraes

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