HONDA “The Dreamer” – Commercial for the 2016 Honda Civic

Roof Studio Collaborates with RPA to create this magical and whimsical commercial for the 2016 Honda Civic.
Watch this insightful Breakdown for the CGI & VFX TV spot created by the talented team at Roof Studio! Honda’s ‘Dreamer’ Is an Acid-Level Romp Inside an Auto Designer’s Mind.

Making of Honda The Dreamer
Roof Studio boutique production house in NYC designs for Honda Civic 2016 the dreamer commercial with 3d and cgi animation and broadcast design in New York City.

Agency: RPA
Client: Honda
Creative Directors: Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Vinicius Costa
Executive Producer: Crystal Campbell
Producer: Ryan Mack
Assistant Producer: Amanda Penney
Director of Photography: Bill Pope
Technical Lead Director: Aaron Baker
Design: Fred Palacio,Eric Pautz,Guto Terni,Vinicius Costa,Sam Mason
Additional Concept Design: Painting Practice, Michal Lisowski
Storyboards: Eric Pautz,David Zung,Fred Palacio
Modeling: Todd Danielle,Anthony Patti,Gustavo Groppo,Vinicius Costa,Guto Terni,Sam Mason,Daniel P. Teixeira,Fred Palacio,Rafael Ghencev,Juliano dos Santos Araújo,Fellipe Beckman

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