Hyundai #WhatsNext campaign encourages freedom of mobility to tap unlimited potential

On June 29, 2018, Saudi women were given the green light to drive which marked the beginning of a great journey. Many are expecting the change to bring great improvements, both in terms of the society and economy as a whole. Media have started to report how it is bringing visible changes to women and their families in Saudi Arabia. Hyundai #WhatsNext

To celebrate this momentous change, Hyundai Motor Company launched a #WhatsNext campaign to welcome the latest changes alongside Saudi women drivers. This bold campaign is part of the company’s global female marketing strategy to stand as a lifestyle brand and a value provider. The #WhatsNext campaign consists of female-targeted programs (both online and offline), local Saudi brand ambassador programs, and most importantly, this resonating advertisement below.

Welcome to the driver’s seat.

Despite the abstract-style production, the advertisement embodies exactly what Hyundai aims to deliver to the newly emerging market segment. The advertisement is not merely a celebration, but a practical and rational representation of what women in Saudi Arabia truly need—a safe and practical mobility solution. The narration throughout the main film is calm and reserved, yet positively prescient towards the greatness to be unlocked.

This main advertisement of the Hyundai #WhatsNext campaign is geared towards the local market, yet it carries a universal and motivational message in spirit that supports and anticipates a progressive trend throughout the world. It has been developed based on Hyundai’s belief that driving empowers women’s progress and independence. With the freedom of driving, the remarkable and the everyday achievements of Saudi women will continue at an even faster pace.

Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Hyundai Motor Company said:
“We designed our campaign based on the unlimited potential that is being introduced to Saudi women, now that they have freedom in mobility. Hyundai Motor Company will continue its support for not only Saudi women, but all millennial women throughout the world, who are becoming one of our most important main consumers.”

When we create, we do it with our hearts.
When we tell stories, we write new ones.
When we teach about the past, we help shape the future.
When we move forward, we aim for more.

Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Campaign: Hyundai #WhatsNext
Agency: Jung-von-Matt/NECKAR
Agency Website:
Art Director: Anna Rondolino
Creative Director: Anna Rondolino, Brendan Gallahue, Matthias Hess
Copywriter: Brendan Gallahue, Jasmin Scharrer
Account Executive: Marco Schubert, Kelsey Gühring, Karen Kustermann
Agency Producer: Darek Stöhr
Artwork: Andreas Kleinmann
Styling: Susanne Kreyenfeld, Meriem Lebdiri
Director: Philippe André
Director of Photography: David Ungaro
Production Company: Markenfilm, Hamburg
Executive Producer: Johannes Bittel
Producer: Harald Beelte
Production Designer: Bader al-Hindi / Markenfilm Hamburg
Edit Company: Final Cut London & Markenfilm Hamburg
Editor: Adam Rudd , Moritz Dreifke
Grade: The Mill, London
Sound Design: Audioforce
Post Production: Infected, Hamburg
Track/Artist: Harrat al-Birk / Audioforce
The Musical Composition: audioforce
Publisher: audioforce Berlin / Thomas Suess

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