IDFC: Dil Ke Ameer

The heart beats loudest for the things closest to it.
Much louder than the voice of reason.
What makes your heart beat?

TBWA\India and Bombay Design Centre launch digital campaign for IDFC Mutual Fund

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Dil Ke Ameer Film

When we make our dreams come true it gives us great joy; but it gives us even more joy when we can make dreams come true for our loved ones.

“Dil Ke Ameer” are the people who recognize this and call their dream a plan. They plan their life, which includes their time and finances towards making these joys real for themselves and their loved ones.

Credit list:
Chief Creative Officer: Parixit Bhattacharya
Copywriter: Parixit Bhattacharya
Art Director: Rishi Chanana
Agency Producer: Hriday Dowerah
Executive Director: Aejaz Khan
Account Director: Jay Mehta
Bombay Design Centre
Creative Director: Ankur Rander
Designer: Alexey Solodovnikov
Producer: Siddhesh Pednekar
Writer: Sarat Alex
Creative Technologist: Shankari Murali
Client: IDFC Mutual Fund
Director-Marketing: Rishi Kakar
Senior Manager Digital Marketing: Shwetal Mehta

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