The Indoor Generation by VELUX – A Story That Needs to Change

We spend most of our time away from the grasps of sunlight, inside closed doors with artificial lighting. As claimed by Velux, we spend 90% of our lives indoors. If this statistic doesn’t alarm you yet, then maybe you’re unaware that sunlight is a necessity and not a luxury. Well, the ad film called The Indoor Generation makes a rather convincing case for the fact mentioned above.

Created by Danish agency & Co, the film details the hazards of living a life without fresh air. From hindering the learning ability of children to inducing sadness in adults, a lack of adequate sunlight and fresh air can be a detriment to humans in many ways. The worst part is that we are the architects of our prisons. This hazardous lifestyle is one created by mankind itself and not the other way around.

However, as portrayed in the film, the ball is still in our court. We can still mend our ways and save ourselves from the gut-wrenching state of being subjected to the ill-effects of the indoor life.

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outside air. The Indoor Generation by VELUX

We feel that this ad campaign makes a deep impact given that it comes from a window and skylight brand. The caution raised in the film was much needed, and the depiction of the message at the end was phenomenal. Furthermore, the campaign’s enormous success proves that it hits home with the indoor generation!

Creative Agency: &Co./NOA
Director: Martin De Thurah
Production company: Bacon
Brand: VELUX
Campaign: The Indoor Generation

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