Airtel india wants you to hunt their instagram for T20 villains | Airtel T20 Villain Hunt

As the IPL reaches its culmination, Airtel India, along with their digital agency Dentsu Webchutney, turned avid T20 fans into clue-spotting detectives with the launch of their #T20VillainHunt – Airtel T20 Villain Hunt. A T20 Villain – meaning anyone or anything that dares interrupt your T20 viewing experience.

Through the ‘IPL Ke Villains’ campaign, Airtel intends to educate their fans that they can defeat any interruption, anytime and anywhere, by watching the games on the Airtel TV app – live and for free. As an extension to the campaign, the #T20VillainHunt begins with a storyline titled ‘The Villainous Text’. Users were encouraged to find hidden clues within the story, and through an innovative use of Instagram’s ‘Save to Collection’ feature, reveal the T20 Villain. The first episode of this two-part series showcases a group of friends enjoying the T20 game at home, until one of them unsuspectingly receives a text message that forces him to abandon the game. The task for the audience was to investigate which villain had sent the text. If they cracked the clues and saved the images in the right order, it revealed the face of the villain in their profile’s ‘Saved’ folder.

Airtel instagram | Airtel T20 Villain Hunt - IPL Ke Villains | T20 villains

Airtel instagram | T20 Villain Hunt

PG Aditya – Executive Creative Director
Prashant Gopalakrishnan – Senior Vice President
Ashwin Palkar – Senior Creative Director
Pranav Sabhaney – Associate Director – Creative Strategy
Deepak Muraleedharan – Associate Group Head – Design
Premanjali Dutta – Senior Art Director
Sanket Audhi – Associate Group Head – Copy
Zubin Jauhari – Associate Copy Supervisor
Pragya Sarin – Copywriter
Vishal Sagar – Creative Director, Copy
Abhinav Parshad – Group Head, Copy
Tanveer Afaque – Senior Copy Writer
Sneha Sisodia – Account Director
Sneha Menon – Senior Account Executive
Kinni Chowdhry – Associate Account Director
Ashit Chakravarty – Vice President, Account Management

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