Jrump, an ad campaign for a satirical game about the scenario post-US elections

The ad campaign is a possible prediction of the scenario post-US elections if Donald Jrump happens to come to power. His plans of closing international borders and halting the research on global warming will be implemented leading to chaos all around. In short, he will be successful in destroying the earth and then he would need to find a new Galaxy that can be destroyed again. The game adds humor to it by using Jrump’s favorite bricks as the path towards the new Galaxy. By jumping through these bricks, one can reach the new Galaxy and start the pursuit to ‘destroy’ it. The music by Bryce Fawcet adds to the intensity of the message with its heart pumping music.

Highlights of the ad campaign
1. The Voiceover by Eric Harther is outstanding along with the perfect use of words which clearly mocks the policies of Donald ‘Jrump’.
2. The images of destruction of earth are heartbreaking and an illustration of something that can actually be a possible future.
3. The game ‘Jrump’ very creatively capitalizes on the popular opinion on the current scenario of US politics.
4. Cartoons of opposition leaders are shown as hurdles to reach to the other Galaxy making the game closer to the real scenario.
5. This ad campaign is a caricature of the future, beautifully depicting the current scenario and the possible future consequences.

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DISCLAIMER: For humor/satirical purposes only. Not to be taken seriously. Reference to any celebrity or other person does not constitute or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation.

Game by: Oddboy and Apparcanum
Voice Over: Eric Harthen – https://goo.gl/DwtI2i
In Game Music: Bryce Fawcet

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