Karalkada theatrical Ad – A tribute to the varied and diverse culture and heritage of Kerala

Karalkada, a handloom clothing brand’s latest theatrical Ad film doesn’t feature any of their products but indirectly talks about their cultural tradition and heritage by featuring a few folk art forms of Kerala like Arjuna Nritham, Tholpaavakoothu, and Poothanum Thirayum.

Project Description:
Culture is plural and doesn’t have one single source or narrative. Kerala has hundreds of folk art forms and practices spread across all religions, tribes, and castes out of which a few have already gone extinct. Three ritualistic folk art forms like Arjuna Nritham, Tholpaavakoothu, and Poothanum Thirayum have been focussed to bring out the essence of cultural tradition in this Ad film for Karalkada. The client co-operated with the idea of making an Ad film which didn’t reveal their product directly but talked about their cultural tradition and heritage in an indirect way by portraying the folk art forms of Kerala. The Ad film shot in a documentary style blends with the music video style layered with sleek cuts on music and chants based on various folk art forms is a tribute to the varied and diverse culture and heritage of Kerala.

The Client:
Karalkada, a clothing brand specialised in handloom cotton especially Kasavu fabrics was established in the 1800s. Since then, they have been an active participant in the preservation of a dying art form like handloom. They have created a cultural lineage closely working with the handloom weavers who use pit looms (Kuzhithari) to bring out exquisite Kasavu sarees, Kasavu Mundu, and Mundum Neryathum. They have their showroom dating over 100 years old in Kaithamukku Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

Production House:
DocArt Productions specialise in feature films, conceptual ads, documentary films, print ads, and corporate videos. Name DocArt can be interpreted in many ways- documenting art, an abbreviation for documentary art, or the art of documenting. They promote the art of all sorts and artists from various fields. Words and concepts take different shapes and meanings under this umbrella. To understand others needs and to represent / re-interpret them with a wider perspective motivates us the most.

This Ad is about:
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