KFC’s “Big Chicken Small Movie” delightful animated short film by Wieden+Kennedy

Watch KFC Big Chicken Small Movie by Wieden+Kennedy. It’s the best movie about a 56-ft steel chicken attached to a KFC that will come out this year.

KFC Big Chicken Small Movie

The new animated short film, Big Chicken Small Movie, is designed to celebrate the Georgia town and its giant steel chicken. From the beginning, the intention was to make the short film as Atlanta-focused as possible. Awesome Inc, is an Atlanta-based studio known for both its series and commercial work. The project debuted on Sunday, August 6th, which was National Friendship Day.

Big Chicken Small Movie by KFC

Anthony Gianino, KFC franchisee owner and VP of marketing for KBP Foods, the film marks the culmination of an exciting project. The beloved “Big Chicken” KFC restaurant reopened to the public May 11 following a $2.2 million renovation.

“I think every Atlantan has a tender spot for that giant bird, so it was an honor to try to do it proud. Also, I’m excited to show all my friends from high school that I made it to the top–even if it’s just the top of the Big Chicken,” said W+K copywriter Mike Egan, who was born and raised in Atlanta.

Campaign website: http://bigchickensmallmovie.com/

Brand: KFC
Executive Creative Directors – Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creative Directors – Jason Kreher, Freddie Powell
Copywriter – Mike Egan
Art Directors – Matthew Carroll, Tim Semple

Producer – Blake Carrillo
Production Company: Awesome Inc
Director & Lead Design – Craig Sheldon
Executive Producer – Ashley Kohler
Line Producer – Allison Sanders
Design – Chris Anderson
Lead Storyboard Artist – Craig Sheldon

Storyboard Artists – Guillermo Comin, Billie Liao

Character Design – Sofia Salazar
Animators – Craig Sheldon, Chris Anderson, Joshua Mullinax, Mark McDonald, Edgar Ferrer, Nathan Churney, Jeff DiMaggio

Production Assistant – Titus T. Bug
Editor – Thomas Fine
Studio Manager -Lauren Teasley

Music+Sound Company: Bluetube
Composer – Michael Kohler
Sound Designer – Michael Kohler
Producer – Michael Kohler

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