The WiFi Test – KFC in Romania is providing free wi-fi to high school kids

KFC in Romania lets you on their WIFI network if you answer a highschool question right


In 2015, Romania faced an education crisis. Only 40 percent of high school students in the country passed the baccalaureate exam, which is equivalent to the SAT. To help address this nation-wide concern, KFC Romania teamed up with MRM/McCann Romania to launch the Wi-Fi Test Campaign. The campaign aims to offer free Wi-Fi to students if they get to answer a test question correctly.


Nir Refuah, Chief Creative Officer of MRM/McCann Romania shared in the official press release that:

“While Romania holds record numbers in teen Internet usage and high Internet speed (top 3 worldwide), education performance ranks much lower. Donating digital assets for the community is trending up among social aware brands, and I’m proud that KFC and MRM/McCann Romania are part of the movement.”

Brand: KFC
Advertising Agency: MRM / McCann Bucharest, Romania
Chief Creative Officer:Nir Refuah
Executive Creative Director:Ioana Filip
Copywriter:Sandra Bold
Art Director:Nadejda Ghilca
Senior Programmer:Dany Manea
Account Director:Gina Zgubea
Account Manager:Tina Cretu


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