And the Webby Award for Breaking the Internet Goes to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was honored with Webby Break The Internet Award for her success on the internet which is uncomparable to any other celebrity.
The Webby awards is an international award that honors outstanding performances on the internet which not only includes interactive advertising and online films or videos but also websites. By winning this award and being in the spotlight on the internet, Kim Kardashian has set very high standards for others because of the way she under the internet and various social media means to appeal to the global audience. She definitely succeeded in it and is known worldwide now. With her, the world understood the power of the internet for reaching out to masses. Her Break The Internet Award was very well­deserved.

20th Annual Webby Awards


Kim Kardashian’s five­ word sensational speech, “Nude Selfie Till I Die” also got her applauded by a mix of international audience.

Kim Kardashian West on the Red Carpet at the 20th Annual Webby Awards

What makes Kim Kardashian Stand Out?

● She is dominant celebrity in terms of her online presence.
● She has molded our understanding of internet usage for popularity & entertainment with the help of online videos, apps, and social media.
● She has expanded to new avenues like launching the most­ downloaded Kimoji App.
● She was also in the limelight for supporting Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change.



With the hashtag #Breaktheinternet, Kim Kardashian won the first ­ever Webby Break the internet award which was well­ deserved by her. With this, we not just celebrate her success but the success and power of the internet.

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