Made of Bold by Royal Challenge Sports Drink featuring Virat Kohli

Royal Challenge Sports Drink is privileged to bring you stories of bold men and women who put everything on the line. The ones from small towns and smaller villages. The ones with little or no backing. The ones who give all for four years for one shot at metal. The ones who are made of absolute bold. #PlayBold

“Jis desh ki ragon mein khoon se zyada cricket daudta hai
Wahan kuch ansune ankahe irrade bhi daudte hain,khamoshi se.
Ansune anjaane par kisi se kum nahin”

These beautiful opening lines from the ‘Made of Bold’ video, narrated by Virat Kohli and written by Sonal Dabral, give a perspective on the behind-the-scenes challenges of Indian athletes, who strive for success against all odds in a country that primarily worships cricket. They don’t have packed stadiums with screaming fans, but they still give it their all, every single day not for a tour, not for a tournament but for 4 years at a stretch and against all odds. Only because they are ‘made of bold’.

“Every successful athlete has a journey made up of a bold spirit, grit and mental strength. I took up cricket at an early age and today it has given me people’s love and respect. There are champions in the country who have taken up sports other than cricket but the fact is that their commitment and sacrifices are not known to many. They silently endure the test of times in their sporting journey putting a lot at stake and unafraid of consequences. They are indeed “Made of Bold”. This video is an attempt to give everyone a glimpse into the never-say-die spirit of these athletes.” says Indian star cricketer, Virat Kohli.

Subroto Geed, Sr. VP – Marketing at United Spirits said, “Virat is a supreme and world class athlete. The “Made of Bold” film from Royal Challenge Sports Drink is about Virat, the athlete, paying tribute to the countless other athletes of India for making a bold choice of their sport and pursuing it despite all the odds. It brings to life the brand’s purpose of inspiring the spirit of taking on life through one’s bold choices”.

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