Max Burgers puts a new spin on the cheese placement debate with Green Emojis

Max Burgers is a name analogous in Sweden with the best burgers out there. Not only is this food corporation one of the favorites in the country, but it is also among the oldest. Well, given the brand’s enormous reach, instilling inclusiveness in their menu makes sense. As of now, Max serves many vegetarian hamburger options for people who like making environmentally friendly choices. Max Burgers’ latest stance on the recent cheese placement debate between Apple and Google has pushed it to the limelight. The brand’s Green Emojis Project is a perfect example of how a sharp-witted response can steer a conversation in a new direction.

As detailed in the promo created by ACNE, Sweden, Max Burgers gave its two cents to both the tech giants by making a Twitter post. The brand suggested not to fight over where the cheese in a burger should be, and to instead shift the public eye to environmental concerns. With the aid of the Twitter post, Max Burgers invited people to try their Green Emoji pack. The kit is currently available for download at the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

We feel that the Green Emojis campaign by Max Burgers coalesces a simple idea and a tidy execution. The overwhelming response by the public speaks for itself!

Client: Max Burgers
Campaign: Green Emojis
Agency: ACNE, Sweden
Country: Sweden

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