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You must have seen many fans imitating their favourite stars, sportsmen, or even politicians. So, it’s clear that imitation is one of the frankest means to flatter someone. But what do you think of a parody? Cummins & Partners has launched a side-splitting spoof remembering Clemenger Melbourne’s much-admired campaign – Meet Graham that dominated many award shows of 2017. This one’s Meet Grant and just like Graham showed us how we would look like if our bodies and minds were to survive a car crash, Grant tells us how one should evolve, physically and mentally to survive in advertising. So, to all those budding copywriters and art directors, here’s a message – get creative with your bodies too (Pun intended). The campaign comes ahead of an upcoming award show by the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club (MADC).

Through ‘Meet Grant Campaign’, Grant is all set to spread the word about Melbourne’s MADC Stars award show next month without saying a word! And he is just killing it.

‘Grant’ is at the top of the advertising evolutionary pyramid, where his body is exactly built to sustain the bumps in advertising. Grant’s ears have an unbelievable ability to filter out scathing-conflicting opinions. He has an unusually thick skin to let criticisms be deflected into the space, an extra-large liver to process excess alcohol and smaller than average genitals to fuel belligerence. Oh, and not to forget, a removable spine too which helps in dealing with clients. Moreover, he’s a white male.

This hysterical spoof-cum-campaign doesn’t forget to tick all elements of a good parody with less-than-impressive reach statistics and earned media towards the end. Leaving a non-erasable message that gets nailed in the mind – Copycats can imitate but never become the original.

Client: MADC (Melbourne Advertising and Design Club)
Agency: Cummins & Partners
Campaign: Meet Grant
Creatives: Chris Ellis, Heath Collins, Liam Jenkins
MADC Stars sub-committee: Adrian Bosich, Ed Howley, Elle Bullen, Tracy Proposch, Nicky Finlay, Tony Prysten.
Thanks to: Matt Stoddart, Connor Beaver, Sarah McGregor, Emma Robbins.

Production Company: //Thirteen & Co
Production company website:
Director: Armand de Saint-Salvy
Producer: Charity Downing
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Post production: Hogarth
Motion Graphics: Kane Dixon
Post Producer: Cat Park
Audio Mix: Bang Bang Studios
Sound Designer: Rob Stephens
Sound Producers: Polly McGregor/Holli Dee

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