#MeToo campaign, a small step to show the magnitude of sexual harassment cases worldwide

Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo – A viral campaign to encourage women to speak out about sexual assault.

Sexual harassment is not an uncommon happening in everyday life of a woman. However, the #MeToo campaign has brought women from all around the world together to show solidarity and come out and talk openly if they have ever faced sexual harassment in their lifetime.

Alyssa Milano – #MeToo
Picture: Alyssa Milano – Fanatics Super Bowl Party in Houston 2/4/ 2017

It all started with a tweet by Actress Alyssa Milano who appealed to all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to write #MeToo as a status. This is done to show the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment faced by women globally.

Her tweet already received millions of reactions and retweets within a short span of 24 hours where women started commenting #MeToo as a mark of unity. This social media campaign has prompted countless women from all around the world to share their private demons of sexual harassment.

This simple request of women responding to the tweet with a #MeToo has sparked a massive outflux where countless indignant people are resorting to social media to relate stories of being sexually harassed at some point in their lives.

Many celebrities also participated in this campaign with a #MeToo demonstrating clearly that such assaults are a worldwide phenomenon irrespective of your social or economic status. Personalities like Lady Gaga, Patricia Arquette, Gretchen Carlson, and Debra Messing are a few names to have spoken about it.

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