MINI Salutes U.S. Olympians who defy lables in their new campaign | #RoadToRio

MINI is proud to partner with U. S. Olympians who have defied labels on their #RoadToRio. The athletes who have exceeded expectations and defined themselves. Because they are the ones who truly embody the Olympic spirit.

Athletes including Claressa Shields, Carlos Balderas and Ibtihaj Muhammad announce their labels of “poor,” “immigrant” and “Muslim” while they stand proudly in their Team USA gear. Professional tennis player Serena Williams stands defiantly and announces that the only label that should matter is “Olympian.”

U.S. Olympic Games TV Spot

Ibtihaj Muhammad

“Muslim. Black. Girl.” These labels aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad. She’s worked her entire life to combat stereotypes and define herself.

Morghan King

“Too old. Too small. Too strong.” These are labels that U.S. Olympian Morghan King has been given, and she loves being strong.

Carlos Balderas

“Immigrant. Thug.” These aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Carlos Balderas. He uses negative labels as motivation to get where he is today.

Carlin Isles

“Foster kid. Too small. Never gonna make it.” These labels don’t define U.S. Olympian Carlin Isles because he’s comfortable being different.

Cullen Jones

“Don’t let anyone ever stop you. A different background shouldn’t stop you from being the best that you can be.” Labels aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Cullen Jones.

Claressa Shields

“Too young. Too tough. Too much muscle” These aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Claressa Shields. You can never have too much muscle, and you can never be too tough.

Serena Williams

No one can define you, no one can put a label on you, you can defy anything that anyone says. Labels aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Serena Williams.

Jake Gibb

“Old. Not good enough. Done.” These aren’t limitations for U.S. Olympian Jake Gibb. He owned his labels and now he’s a three-time Olympian and two-time cancer survivor.

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