Moms Don’t Quit – Because they have the right to work and can do it as anyone else

FCB Milan’s new campaign, “Moms Don’t Quit,” for Corriere Della Sera, wonders what if women had to quit their jobs as moms in order to work? In Italy, many employers force newly hired women to sign blank resignation letters to be used in case of pregnancy. “Moms Don’t Quit” seeks to create a new model of working motherhood in which the two are no longer mutually exclusive.

It’s a letter that shows the only alternative that moms have, but they would never choose.
A letter written to ask everyone for help.
Help to prevent millions of other women from writing a letter like this.
Because moms have the right to work and they can do it as anyone else.

Website: momsdontquit

FCB Milan Creative Team:

Managing Director: Giorgia Francescato
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Teodori
Associate Creative Director: Gianluca Belmonte
Copywriter: Gianluca Belmonte, Michele Vicari
Art Director: Fabio Mazzuchelli, Cristiano Maifrè
Head of Planning: Susanna Revoltella
Strategic Planner: Paolo Costella
Group Account Director: Paola Brunati
Executive Producer: Cristina Nardi

Think Cattleya Production:

CEO: Monica Riccioni
Executive Producer: Danielle Joujou
Producer: Arianna Messina
Director: Maria Guidone
Photo: Francesco Marullo
Music: Federico Landini
Photographer: Angelo Di Pietro

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