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Mental health problems plague every corner of the world. In fact, susceptibility to inadequate mental health is irrespective of someone’s ethnicity, gender, color, or nation. One specific group that isn’t encouraged to talk about the issues running them down is that of men. Boys are taught from an early age to be strong and tight-lipped. In a lot of places, elderly men teach younger generations to completely avoid vulnerability. A man of few words is aptly depicted in the recent digital campaign created by Movember Foundation. The video was released with the title Be a Man of More Words.

Movember Foundation is an organization that tackles the mental health of men on a global scale. Be a Man of More Words was conceptualized and designed by Cummins & Partners Melbourne. Cam McMillan was the senior art director associated with the project. The short film talked about the man in every circle who doesn’t speak up often. With the use of layered metaphors, some light was shed on the suppressed mental health conditions of men in different spheres of life. In the end, men were asked to find the courage to talk about their problems.

We feel that the message delivered by the Movember Foundation was swift yet hard-hitting. A conversation can save a life, and we must encourage such dialogue at all costs!

Title: Be a Man of More Words
Agency: Cummins & Partners
Advertiser: Movember Foundation

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