Nestlé Kit Kat Break Assist – An Ad That Helps You Skip Other Ads

Nestlé has been producing the Kit Kat wafer bar ever since it acquired Rowntree (the original creator of the confection) in 1988. In recent times, consumers across the globe have started identifying Kit Kat with its slogan, “Have a Kit Kat, have a break!” But, not in Bolivia. So, the brand came up with a unique campaign called ‘Kit Kat Break Assist’ to remedy the situation.

Nestlé Kit Kat Break Assist

In Bolivia, about 60% of the population shares cable TV as its only entertainment platform. As portrayed by the ad agency, McCANN Bolivia, in the associated digital promo, the Kit Kat Ad Assist allowed viewers to enjoy an actual break during the commercial breaks on television. The brand made the same possible by purchasing rights over the first and last ad slots. The first Kit Kat ad told the viewers that an alarm sound in the last would indicate a 10-second countdown to the end of the commercial break. The results of the campaign indicated that 10 out of 10 test subjects were able to enjoy about 5 minutes of real break time during the televised commercial breaks.

We feel that this campaign works so well because it solves an actual problem that its target audience faces. After all, caring about the audience is still the number one marketing strategy!

Brand: Nestlé
Product: Kit Kat
Campaign: Kit Kat Break Assist
Advertising Agency: McCann, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Ceo: Juan Ortega Landa
Chief Creative Officer: Amples Regiani
Creative Director: Samuel Torres, Jorge Marín, Julio Gallego
Copywriter: Samuel Torres
Art Director: Amples Regiani, Jorge Marín, Julio Gallego
Head Of Art: Andrés Durán
Account Director: Carla López
Production: Cabruja Films
Postproduction: Maximiliano Daëns
Director: Luciano Panei

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