Nestlé Pure Life – #TimeToMove with Smiling Bottles

Nestlé Pure Life (Campaign #TimeToMove) has combined Move Time communication with the concept of smiley and has placed funny smiley visuals on Facebook with the Messenger code. And Nestlé Pure Life invited users to act them to move from the bottles.

Brand: Nestlé Pure Life
Campaign: Time to Move with Smiling Bottles
Category: Non-alcoholic drinks
Advertising Agency: Project House HAVAS Worldwide, Istanbul, Turkey
Agency website:
Creative Director: Serhan Acar
Copywriter: Ali Garan
Art Director: Ümit Yanılmaz, Metin Dilek
Digital Producer: Cenk Hobaplı
Social Media Manager: Selin Akbay, Burak Bolat
Brand Manager: Birol Ecevit, Burtay Baştufan, Hande Alagöz
Project Manager: Ari Rozant
Producer: Volkan Alkan

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