Nike showcases strength and undying spirit of women – Rallying Cry #JustDoIt

For many women around the world, their profession is not only profession, but also an expression – an expression of love, passion, and strength. In its new campaign “Rallying Cry – Just Do It”, Nike recognizes and showcases this very expression of sportswomen.

Conceptualised by Wieden + Kennedy, the minute long video takes us through intense training and powerful performance sessions of many women. The binding factor among them is the build-up of huge amount of passion, kinetic energy then releasing same. The campaign showcases cries of these women experiencing frustration, pain but at the final hour, their goals are met and the victory cries are heard.

The campaign features athletes from across Asia Pacific and Latin America such as Amber Liu, South Korean singer and dancer; Aori Nishimura, Japanese skateboarder; Valeria Piazza, Peruvian advocate for women’s empowerment; Rachwin Wong, Thai actress and avid runner; and Sam Kerr Australian football star.

We believe this short and catchy video without any dialogues narrate the struggle of women and their victories effectively. This is yet another powerful collaboration of Nike with athletes.

Last year also Nike and Wieden + Kennedy had conceptualised a series of Nike Women ads recognizing the strength and undying spirit of women.

Through this campaign, Nike has highlighted how women are breaking down barriers through sports. Their emotional, high-octane rallying cry is out there. And we believe, the world is listening to them.

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