Pantene encourages women to be women beyond expectation – #WhoSaysWeCant

Pantene encourages women to be women beyond expectation – #WhoSaysWeCant

Women in Indonesia are always practicing the art of walking a tight rope. For them, achieving personal ambitions takes a little more than just will power. It demands a mastery in harmoniously balancing familial expectations and personal goals. And while honing this balancing act, women are often faced with judgements that contest their intent and ability, seeding in self-doubt, forcing them to choose one role over another.

Pantene #whosayswecant

As a brand that encourages women to find their strength beautiful, Pantene wanted to help Indonesian women get rid of all the judgement that raise self-doubt and find their answer to the only question that matters – #WhoSaysWeCant.

The campaign celebrates the duality stories of women from various walks of life, a woman who plays the role of a mom and a dad, scholar and a singer, a mom and a Rockstar…

Who better to deliver the message of self-belief than our own brand ambassador, Anggun, the face of Indonesia to the world. She has made her mark on the world stage as a singer while balancing her role as a single mother.

“With this song we were able to build heart into the campaign. The lyrics reflect a slice of the duality that Pantene women live and succeed with every day.” Ridward Ongsano, Creative Director Pantene AA

The story of this campaign rang so deep with her that she crafted the lyrics of this song and developed it as her comeback into the Indonesian market. Besides being launched on all major music platforms in the country, the song went on to become the soundtrack of Pantene’s TVC in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

“We wanted to create something that was beyond just an ad, Pantene believes that Indonesian women have a life choice beyond their expectation because they are strong, therefore we wanted to celebrate, embrace and resonate with the incredible strength of Indonesian women and this song is all that and more.” – Aldrich Gopal, Head of Marketing, P&G Indonesia

The campaign will run till the end of the year. The digital video and music is featured on Spotify and on social media.

The product campaign -Pantene Hair Fall defence- is running in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand and the music from the video (sung by Anggun) will be featured in the TVCs aired in these countries.

Agency: Grey Group
Campaign: #WhoSaysWeCant
EVP, P&G ASIA: Yashaswini Samat
CEO: Subbaraju Alluri
Creative Director : Ridward Ongsano
Art Directors : Halina Santiago , Ancilla Marcelina
Copywriters : Ayesha Bedi, Miranda Wiriadinata
AVP, Regional Business Director : Siddika Dehlvi
Group Account Director : Maya Dhamayanti
Account Manager : Khansa Nadira
Planning Director : Neha Bansal
Production: Shirren Lim, Maharani Putri
Production House : April Earth
Lyricist: Anggun Cipta

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