Paper Boat’s New 3D Animation Film creates a heartwarming story of hope and imagination

Paper Boat Drinks new film, executed in the 3D Animation format takes imagination to the next level by representing a little paper boat as a beacon of hope.

In the advertisement of Paper Boat Drinks, a little paper boat represents consciousness and hope. A captain of a ship makes a little paper boat and sends it to partake its journey. It shows how one should just keep moving towards their aspirations and goals. Thus, the boat seems to be taking a journey towards its final destination and in the end, it reaches the destination.

The advertisement is very inspiring.

A story of hope and dreams
● The boat is shown to fight all adversities during its journey.
● The encounter with a mouse, bus and even natural calamities like rain and heavy winds is also shown
● At the same time, there is a dog that protects it from sudden rain which represents how with every bad encounter, you also have a good one to neutralize it.
● Eventually, the boat flies with the wind and reaches its destination

It is a representation of how every individual undertakes his/her journey and experiences several good and bad incidents during the process. But eventually, there is only one thing that keeps us all moving forward and that is hope. A hope that we will reach our destination and our dreams will come true.

Paper Boat presents Hope, the Boat

Having paper boat drinks is like taking a walk down the memory lane with its taste of real fruits. The memories that become hazy in the process of getting closer to your dreams and aspirations. We need to remember that it is the journey that is more important because it gives us the experience to shape us as individuals.


Concept & Execution: Humour Me – Branded Entertainment
Created By: Dhruv Sachdeva
Directed By: Dhruv Sachdeva & Clifford Afonso
Co-Director: Tanvi Gandhi
Screenplay & Story: Clifford Afonso, Dhruv Sachdeva, Aradhana Mathews
Executive Producer: Ashray Sachdeva
Project Head & Client Servicing: Gitana Singh

Sound Score: Aradhana Mathews
Sound Score Arrangement & Sound Engineering: Anindo Bose
Sound Design: Anindo Bose, Zain Calcuttawala, Siddharth Talwar
Sound Mixing & Mastering: Plug N’ Play Studios

Animation Project Lead: Vrinda Sood
Animation Direction: Zero Gravity Filmz
Film Editor: Shubham Singla
Production Manager: Dhananjay Visvanath

Art Direction: Tanvi Gandhi, Clifford Afonso
Art Supervisor: Akanksha Sharma
Storyboard Artist: Vaibhav
Character Design & Illustration: Clayton Dmello, Varun Nair
Environment Illustration: Clayton Dmello

Modeling: Abhishek Soni, Ashish Negi, Bhairab Boithoque, Manoj Negi, Nishant Saxena
Surfacing: Abhishek Soni, Ashish Negi, Bhairab Boithoque, Tushar Tanwar, Nishant Saxena
Lighting: Tushar Tanwar, Ashish Negi, Nishant Saxena, Atique Mujawar
Rigging: Azhar Hussain Quadri
Layout & Animation: Ashish Sharma, Gaganpreet Singh Anand, Raghav Nagpal
Effects: Azhar Hussain Quadri, Asif Ali
Render Wrangler: Manoj Negi
Compositing: Shivam Sharma, Swatantra Dubey
Matte Painting: Swatantra Dubey, Bhairab Boithoque
Render Supervisor: Sachin Kolate

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