Pepsi Mini Can Big Lesson – Series shows how a little thing has the power to have a huge impact

Pepsi has just launched a mini-series of 3 short films which introduces us to Mr. Can and his ever so loyal right hand man Cornell. Mr. Can teaches us the power of little things in life.

A Pepsi Mini Series – The Lesson – Episode 1 – Honesty

What happens when Cornell, Right-hand Man of Mr. Can, expresses his true feeling about Mr. Can’s son being a liability to his business? Did Cornell’s honesty go too far? Watch this Pepsi Mini Series to find out.
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A Pepsi Mini Series – The Lesson – Episode 2 – Loyalty

Through mob boss Mr. Can, his Right-hand Man Cornell will learn a very beautiful lesson about Loyalty, in the most unusual way ever. Like Mr. Can likes to say – Never Underestimate The Power Of Little Things.
Watch the episode while you sip on your #PepsiMini.

A Pepsi Mini Series -The Lesson – Episode 3 – Dance

According to Mr. Can, in life, work is not everything. Watch the video to find out what he really means.

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