PUMA ́s record year in 9.58 seconds- The world’s fastest annual report

The sports company PUMA presents the world’s fastest annual report.

Annual General Meeting PUMA has presented “the world’s fastest annual report”. The technological and creative heart is a 9.58-second film: it allows the viewer to interactively navigate back and forth through the business report – while at the same time the exceptional athlete Usain Bolt is running his unbeaten world record in the 100m sprint from the year 2009. On this project PUMA has collaborated with the agency Publicis Pixelpark.

Fastest annual report in the world.

The film “9.58 Seconds” is the central element of the overall implementation: The content of the current annual report was laid over Usain Bolt ́s World Record Run from 2009. The film consists of 240 individual frames, in which the 250 pages of the annual report are embedded. The user can interactively navigate back and forth, stop and read while Usain Bolt runs towards his victory. Certain markers make it possible to directly jump off the film into the relevant topics on the microsite. All the chapters of the annual report can be accessed on tiles with a mouse-over effect and be read there.

Ulf Santjer, Global Director Corporate Communications at PUMA: “Our goal is to be the fastest sports brand in the world – and of course that should be reflected in our annual report. A very special PUMA moment of 2017 was the last race of Usain Bolt at the World Championships in London and the memory of his breathtaking world record run in 9.58 seconds of 2009 in Berlin. This year ́s annual report and accompanying video is, therefore, a tribute to the fastest man in the world and his many achievements.”

“A brand that has speed in its genes like no other certainly needs a business report that passes everyone and that perfectly represents the leitmotif ‘Forever Faster’. So this is another world record in PUMA’s very successful business year”, says Timm Weber, Chief Creative Officer at Publicis Pixelpark.

Together with Publicis Pixelpark PUMA has been working on an overall solution that sums up the corporate mission statement Forever Faster: It includes the print edition of the annual report 2017, the invitation to the annual General Meeting and a microsite which is also embedded in the movie “9.58 Seconds”.

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, also graces the front page of the annual report ́s print edition. It comes in a black and red look and is characterized by an open, spacious design. Grey pages separate the financial section visually from the image part. The chapter openers focus on the PUMA brand ambassadors such as Selena Gomez, Lewis Hamilton, Cara Delevingne or The Weeknd with large black and white photographs.

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