Renault Kangoo – Get ready for jobs that haven’t been created yet

Argentinian workers reinvent themselves for the jobs of the future in this Renault Kangoo campaign by Publicis Buenos Aires.

Renault Kangoo, the most popular Van/MUV amongst Argentinian workers, was thoroughly reinvented after 20 years of maintaining the same standards. And just in time to be able to take part of the greatest transformations of the working world: many jobs from the past have disappeared and we must get ready for jobs that haven’t been created yet.

In fact, recent studies confirm that 60% of the present job positions in Argentina could end up being automated in the mid or in the long term.

Based on this reality, Publicis Buenos Aires created “Robots”: A multi-platform campaign that shows how Argentinian workers and also the New Kangoo adapt when facing the future.

Because, even though a robot can lift more boxes and an architect-armbot can draw more accurately than humans, when these gadgets break down, someone will have to repair them, and that will be the time for a person using his wits and his New Renault Kangoo to save the day.

The campaign includes a theme song, “We reinvent ourselves”, starring repairing technicians, picking up broken down machines and taking them to their workshops. And other two commercials, “Toasts” and “Dog”, exploring the possible setbacks arising from living with these gadgets.

Client: Renault
Product: New Renault Kangoo
Agency: Publicis Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Executive Creative Director: Fabio Mazia
Creative Director: Francisco Bledel / Bruno Barbosa
Copywriter: Mauro Ribot
Art Director: Javier Agena Goya
Production Company: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill y 1985
Production: Ludmila Herms
Executive Production: Adrián D´Amario y Diego Dutil
Post Production Company: Pickle
Music: Fernando Martino

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Multi-platform campaign, Renault Kangoo, Technology, Publicis Buenos Aires, Renault, Automotive, Innovations

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